Lindiwe Davidson



I’m Lindiwe – spiritual director, writer, and encourager. Wherever I find myself, my desire is to be an empathetic and engaged witness to the healing presence of God. 

I am utterly convinced that Jesus is not only able but desires to free all people from the visible and invisible pains of this world and my heart uniquely beats for the deep, quiet, healing work of spiritual direction with women, believing that through Him free women will free women.

Whether 1-1 or in group settings, its my joy to create safe spaces for women to encounter truth, love, and freedom.

If you’re interested in spiritual direction, joining Presence (group spiritual direction) or having me facilitate a Presence group of your own, please contact me!

[email protected]


A spiritual director is a person trained in the art of creating space for others to listen deeply to their hearts and the heart of God. We strive to be an empathetic witness to the movements beneath the surface. As a spiritual director I posture myself to walk at your pace, tend to your soul, and make room for God’s presence to be felt.


No. Although spiritual direction employs similar components – questions and self-reflection, the nature of questions and the quality of self-reflection are quite different. The nature of spiritual direction provides a level of companionship and openness on my part.  I show up fully available to what may be needed in a session, sometimes drawing on my experiences or perspectives when I sense they may be helpful.  Lastly and most importantly in spiritual direction we anticipate the presence of a Third Person, and fully trust Their leading throughout the session.


Unsettledness is an unwelcome but valuable state that comes with a myriad of strong emotions. Whether you are awakening to your faith journey, longing to deepen your experience of God or in a season of deconstruction / reconstruction, as a spiritual director my role is to accompany you on YOUR journey, rejecting prescribed destinations, expectations, and benchmarks and making room for safe passage toward freedom and love.

Wherever you find yourself, spiritual direction creates space for you to reclaim your experience of God and self.


A typical session will begin with a time of silence before we begin the process of exploring what is most pressing on your heart through questions, reflection, and (depending on your comfort level) Scripture. Sometimes people show up knowing exactly what they want to discuss, and sometimes it surfaces in the silence.

When directees are interested I love to offer guided contemplation, introduce / explore different spiritual practices, and spend time in prayer. 

A session lasts between 50-70 minutes


Created for the wonderer, the wanderer, the wrestler and the seeker in mind, Presence is a space for women looking for something deeper.

Using lectio divina, gospel contemplation, and other creative practices, we listen, we reflect, and we share. What happens at Presence is both simple and sacred.

If you have questions or are interested in experiencing Presence in your already formed faith community / group of friends, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.