Why Antioch?

ANTIOCH was the birthplace of Christianity, the place where a new culture emerged; a culture founded on the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Having been transformed by this, our desire is to bring this hope to others.

Our desire is for ANTIOCH to be a refuge and a place where all members of the community can belong. our mission is to create a culture in which youth can grow into fuller expression of themselves.

Group photo at a skatepark

Ryan Davidson

Ryan and his family

Ryan and his beautiful wife Lindi live in Warman with their 4 rambunctious sons. His life is filled with mini-sticks, skateboarding and playing music. He loves Indian food, strong coffee, and Stance socks.

After 15 years of supporting people with disabilities and at-risk youth, Ryan felt called to pursue his dream of opening a community centre in Warman. In the fall of 2019 he was Hired by YFC to spearhead the project.

YFC Saskatoon

Youth for Christ Saskatoon is a youth ministry that has operated in Saskatoon for the past 30 years.

First and First Boardshop

Owners Linden and Allison Hergott have been influential in building the skateboard community in Warman. We are excited to partner with them.