Good News & Good Vibes

Our Dream

Our dream is to open a non-profit community centre in Warman; a safe and encouraging place for youth to hang out and have fun.

The centre would feature free activities like Ping-Pong and video games as well as weekly programs and events such as indoor paintball and music production. Half of the facility is for public recreation, youth drop-in and community enriching activities such as weekend markets and concerts, while the other half will be an indoor skateboard park open to scooters and skateboarders year round. 

Above all, we wish to broadcast hope, light and love into the valley area. Good news and good vibes.

We need your help

We are in the initial stages of fundraising and need your help!

As a YFC Saskatoon Project every donation is tax deductible.

Our Partners

Antioch is a branch of YFC Saskatoon and is partnered with Skatelife and First and First Boardshop.