our Plan

Indoor Skatepark

*Concept design for the indoor skatepark*

We want to create a welcoming environment  that does not overwhelm individuals unfamiliar with the community or the activity. The layout and scale will reflect this.

The culture and activity of skateboarding is often seen as destructive or criminal, however it is profoundly enriching. It teaches essential life skills such as perseverance and critical thinking. It also takes exceptional dedication to master the most basic of skills. There is no cheating in skateboarding.

Studies done through The University of Southern California and Hull Services in Calgary, Alberta scientifically prove the beneficial and healing aspects of skateboarding (check out our resources page)
An adequate place to skateboard in the colder months is an essential service. 

From beginner to advanced, from the young to the not so young, our desire is to create a positive space that promotes recreation while organically growing community.  There is no indoor facility within a 300KM radius and with the popularity of skateboarding growing –  there is a serious need for a space in Saskatoon.


*Countless discussion have been had and development is ongoing. There are currently several ideal locations that have been scouted and analyzed.

We are continuing to raise awareness and funds while striving to open doors in the fall of 2021.*

Saskatoon partners


Saskatoon homies


Community Centre

The Antioch Community Centre will be a multifaceted space with 3 main components.

Youth Drop In

The youth drop-in will feature free activities like Ping-Pong and video games.

It wil also include weekly programs such as indoor paintball and music production.

Indoor Skate Park

The indoor skateboard park will be open to scooters, rollerblades and skateboards year round.

We will have lessons, contests and weekly programming.


The marketplace will feature a skateboard shop, a concession / coffee shop as well as an open area available for public use.

There will also be a stage and bleachers perfect for small concerts and community events.

We envision the Centre being common ground for The Valley area; 

A place for people congregate and collaborate.

Where civilians, businesses, churches and the City of Warman all work shoulder to shoulder to create a difference in the Valley Area.

The ACC is a one of a kind project and there is nothing of this nature or scope in Saskatchewan.

Warman’s Recreational Manager Paul Mcgonigal has been advocating for the Centre as well as advising us in our efforts. The City of Warman responded well to our presentation in February 2020 and is now considering a financial partnership. 

The likelihood of this arrangement depends greatly on corporate sponsorship and business donations; this is where your organization is able to play an essential part.

Warman Partners


dream space

The dream building for the Community Centre is the old Super Valu in Warman. 520 Central St In Warman, SK. It is owned by the Investor Group Millennium 3 and represented by Fortress Realty. 

The building is 15780 Sq. ft. And the lease is $17,752 per month plus utilities. The location is ideal as is the open concept of the building. 

Possible layout

when ?

Due to all that has transpired over the past year we understand that our desired time-line may be delayed;

However, we feel called to push onward in order to provide a safe place for the youth of our community. 

The mandatory isolation we are all experiencing is resulting in a perhaps even greater need for in-person interaction and facilities that produce community. 

We are working diligently to open either location as soon as possible.