Our Plan


There is a desperate need for a safe and engaging space for young people to congregate.

What is the
Antioch Community Centre?

The Antioch Community Centre is threefold:

Youth Drop In

The youth drop-in will feature free activities like Ping-Pong and video games.

It wil also include weekly programs such as indoor paintball and music production.

Indoor Skate Park

The indoor skateboard park will be open to scooters, rollerblades and skateboards year round.

We will have lessons, contests and weekly programming.


The marketplace will feature a skateboard shop, a concession / coffee shop as well as an open area available for public use.

There will also be a stage and bleachers perfect for small concerts and community events.

We envision the Centre being a common ground for every generation in The Valley area; where friendships are formed, purpose is found, confidence is grown and where youth flourish. A place for people to congregate and collaborate, where civilians, businesses, churches and the City of Warman all work shoulder to shoulder to create a difference in the Valley Area.

This is a one of a kind project and there is nothing of this nature or scope in Saskatchewan.

Who will do this?

Ryan and his family

Ryan Davidson

The Centre is an offshoot of the non-profit Youth Ministry YFC Saskatoon. 

Ryan Davidson was hired in the fall of 2019 to pursue the formalization of this project. Living in Warman, Ryan is married with 4 children, avid skateboarder and has spent the past 8 years in management and leadership roles.

As much as Ryan is spearheading the project, it is fundamentally collaborative, fueled by those inspired to financially and physically partner with us. The response has already been amazing and the pieces have begun to fall into place. 


The dream building is the old Super Valu in Warman. 520 Central St In Warman, SK. It is owned by the Investor Group Millennium 3 and represented by Fortress Realty. 

The building is 15780 Sq. ft. And the lease is $17,752 per month plus utilities. The location is ideal as is the open concept of the building. 

Possible Layout

We have developed a draft of possible renovations to the space with Graham Klassen of Vinland Homes and are developing a skate park design with experienced park designer Geoff Reimer.  

When will this happen?

As the world changes before our eyes, we understand that our desired time-line may be delayed; yet we feel a deep urgency to push onward in order to provide a safe place for the youth of our community. 

The mandatory isolation we all experienced will result in a serious need for in-person interaction, which we would like to provide as soon as possible. We would love to start renovating early in 2021 and open the doors to the public fall of 2021.

All of the programing will be youth initiated or inspired, it is our priority to consider the desires of our cities youth each step of the way. 

The Centre will be a refuge, where all members of the community belong, a place where youth can discover and grow in a healthy community that is their own. Above all, we wish to broadcast hope, light and love in the Valley Area.

Our Partners

Warman’s Recreational Manager Paul Mcgonigal is advocating for the Centre as well as advising us in our efforts. The City of Warman responded positively to our presentation in February 2020 and is now considering a financial partnership. The likelihood of this arrangement depends greatly on corporate sponsorship and business donations; this is where your organization is able to play an essential part.

We are also partnered with a few local churches, a local skateboard shop as well as a national youth ministry called Skatelife, who specializes in skateboard programming.