our Plan

What we are


what we will do

The Community Centre

The EMMC, YFC Saskatoon and Antioch skate teamed up in order to open a unique facility within the Valley Area of Saskatchewan (Warman, Osler, Martensville & Saskatoon)

A space that is prayerfully dedicated to radiating the sacrificial love or Jesus Christ.

The property of 418 Central St W in Warman, SK

is being transformed into a multi-faceted hub

that will provide creative programming for youth

as well as be a venue for community events and projects.

It will serve 3 functions


Not one congregation but several working in unison - striving to spread love, light and life into our community.

Community Centre

The building will be available for a variety of public & private functions such as concerts, family reunions, art & ESL classes, ect...


Classic but unique - for youth and adults. Engaging activities that will ignite creativity and inspiration such as videography, music production, art, baking, video games and board games, etc.

Indoor Skatepark
& Drop-in

With the assistance of Claystone Developments

We have designed a 10,000 sq ft facility that will house a Youth Drop-in, Indoor Skatepark and skateboard shop.

This facility will be placed behind the Community Centre building on 418 Central St W

Communal spaces of this nature are of the utmost importance

These spaces are healing, not just for those interested in what is offered but for an entire community.

our facilities will be a positive option, a place for young people to be inspired and find a deeper sense of purpose.

when ?

Recognizing the desperate need for this space – The City of Warman is endorsing this project

however it is a very large endeavour – costing roughly 1 millions dollars

Developments are ongoing and we have started to raise awareness and funds

We hope to build in the Summer of 2022 and to be fully operational early 2023

Please consider being a part of our Project.

Why Care ?

“There is no cheating in skateboarding

Skateboarding and other similar activities are profoundly life-giving and therapeutic

Studies done through The University of Southern California and Hull Services in Calgary, AB have proven the beneficial and healing aspects of skateboarding.
As one progresses in the activity – one simultaneously progresses through their own personal trauma.
Spaces to practice and participate in these activities  is an essential service.
 Antioch will be open to  skateboards, scooters and roller skates/ blades year round.
With outreach and specialty nights, lessons, contests and video premiers

From beginner to advanced, from young to not so young

Antioch will be a positive space that promotes fun and recreation while organically growing community